Normalization of social life also means to attend church services, considering protective measures – Patriarchate’s Spokesperson

The Romanian Patriarchate’s Spokesperson Vasile Banescu said that the return to a normal social life also implies to allow people ‘to exercise their fundamental right to public religious life, that is, inside the places of worship.’

‘The Romanian Orthodox Church, like the other religious denominations in Romania, will take natural and rigorously argued steps to find together with the state’s authorities rational ways of a gradual, cautious but rapid return to normalcy, a state that does not include only a material dimension, but also a spiritual one,” Vasile Bănescu told the national press agency Agerpres.

“Therefore, the normalization of social life also means the return of people, with the necessary protection measures, to the exercise of their fundamental right to public religious life, i.e. in places of worship,” he added.

In recent days, many believers have addressed priests and authorities demanding the reopening of churches, along with other public institutions starting May 15.

Photography courtesy of Agerpres

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