New church to be built in Căușeni in honour of Holy Brâncoveanu Martyrs

The Bishop of Southern Bessarabia laid the foundation stone for a new church in honour of the Holy Brâncoveanu Martyrs in Căușeni, Republic of Moldova, during a ceremony held Tuesday, Nov. 10.

The Orthodox parish operates in a temporary place of worship, a chapel built in 2014. This is currently the only church in the Valul lui Traian neighbourhood of Causeni.

After celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the chapel, His Grace Bishop Veniamin of Southern Bessarabia went together with the priestly assembly at the construction site of the future church where he laid the foundation stone and officiated a blessing service.

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“Since 2018, Father Mihail Cîșlaru has expressed his desire to build a large and spacious church on this place for the faithful of this parish. I was glad that you decided to choose as patron saints of the future church the Holy Brâncoveanu Martyrs, worthy sons of our nation and confessors of the faith,” Bishop Veniamin said referring to the Saints’ life and martyrdom.

His Grace urged those present to support the works, showing devotion to the saints and a desire to follow their example.

“This church is like a bridge that connects the two neighbourhoods of Causeni,” said the bishop, “one from the time of St. Constantine Brancoveanu (Church of the Dormition from the 17th century), a crucified church, but which survived and speaks of the faith of our brethren in these places and of the new church, the foundation stone of which is laid today, which will be a candle to our nation and a gate to heaven.”

“May the Lord grant that in a few years we may rejoice together in your diligence and love, at the consecration of the church.”

“Churches are built with much sacrifice, and those who become founders are always remembered and perpetuate their name through good deeds of mercy. So let us be generous when we give for the house of God and the place of prayer of our community.”

Bishop Veniamin gave the parish a Holy Gospel and an Apostolos (Epistle Lectionary), published by the Romanian Patriarchate.

Parish priest Mihail Cîșlaru thanked Bishop Veniamin for the guidance and support given to the construction of the new church. He addressed thanks to those present and especially to the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs and the Government of Romania.

The Romanian Government, through the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs, provided financial support of RON 100,000 for the new church.

Photography courtesy of the Diocese of Southern Bessarabia

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