National Cathedral largest bell installed on metallic headstock

One of the most difficult stages and an engineering challenge was accomplished on Tuesday, November 13, on the construction site of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral.

The Cathedral’s largest bell weighing 25 tons was hung onto the metallic headstock inside the bell tower.

‘I can’t tell I was nervous,’ Grassmayr representative eng. Corneliu Revencu told Trinitas TV.

‘We worked paying much attention to every millimetre.’

‘Next, the bell clapper weighing over 700 kg will be installed, and then the four electric motors that will help the bell swing,’ eng. Revencu announced.

This bell dedicated to all Romanian heroes will ring for the first time a day before the Cathedral’s consecration ceremony when a memorial service will be officiated in honour of Romania’s national heroes.

The Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral itself is a memorial built in honour of all those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom, unity and dignity of the Romanian people.

Photo: Archive

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