Mr Puzzle creates Patriarch Daniel portrait with 720 Rubik’s cubes as congratulation on His Beatitude’s 70th birthday

Among the congratulatory messages sent during this period to Patriarch Daniel, on the occasion of his 70th  birthday, the exquisite message of young artist Cristian Leana stands out for its originality.

The young man, known as Mr Puzzle, used more than 700 Rubik’s cubes to portray the Patriarch of Romania. The process, which lasted almost 7 hours, was recorded and published on his YouTube account. Mr. Puzzle used a photo as a model.

“Blessed many years!”, Cristian Leana wished the Patriarch of Romania. “May God help everything to go well and let there not be a problem.”

Here’s the result:

The artist Cristian Leana, a finalist of the show “Romanians have Talent” is not at his first initiative of this kind. He made, by the same technique, the portrait of Archbishop Teopdosie of Tomis and that of Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania.

Photo: YouTube / Domnu’ Puzzle – Cristian Leana

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