Mount Athos closes for pilgrims and visitors because of the coronavirus epidemic

Deputy civil governor of Mount Athos Aristos Kasmiroglou has suspended the entrance of outside visitors and pilgrims to the Athonite State until March 30, 2020, according to Orthodox Times, which quotes Greek website

This decision excludes officials and employees of Athos. The Holy Community of Mount Athos accepted the government’s decisions as formulated in a ministerial order on March 16.

The Holy Community of Mount Athos is like a „parliament” of the Holy Mountain, made of the 20 representatives of the 20 monasteries from Mount Athos. There are also numerous sketes and cells. The most famous Romanian hermitages include the Skete of the Honourable Forerunner (Prodromou) and the Skete of Saint Demetrios (Lakkoskiti).

Photo courtesy of Mount Athos Center

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