Metropolitan Nektarios: If we say today that we are Orthodox, we will have the finger pointed at us

Unfortunately, we are running everyday the risk of mutation of the Greek society in order to conform to the standards of the so-called post-modern world, said the Metropolitan Nektarios of Corfu, Paxos and the Diapontia Islands.

Speaking at an event for the poet Giorgos Sarandaris, Metropolitan Nektarios said that in order to mutate the Greek society, those elements to be struck were the Orthodox faith, the institution of the family, the mystery of marriage, the eradication of historical memory, especially that of the young people, and the love for the homeland”.

Metropolitan Nektarios speaking at an event for the poet Giorgos Sarandaris. ©Romfea

According to Romfea, Metropolitan Nektarios noted:

“If we say today that we are Christian Orthodox and we love our homeland, we will have the finger pointed at us.”

He also added that there is great need for all Greeks to stop sitting back and start resisting.

“We need to defend the truth without fear. Only in this way our homeland will be saved, with the help of Christ and our struggle”, Metropolitan Nektarios said.

Photo courtesy of: Vima Orthodoxias

Translation by: Romfea

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