Metropolitan Ioan offers 8 tons of food to local hospitals

Metropolitan Ioan visited last Thursday the Psychiatry Hospitals of Jebel and Gătaia, in the Archdiocese of Timișoara, where he offered almost eight tons of food.

Thus, in addition to comfort and prayer, staff and patients also received 7,720 kilograms of vegetables and fruit.

“I don’t have enough words of thanks and appreciation for the help received from the Church and especially from Metropolitan Ioan, without which, especially in the last year, it would have been very difficult for us,” said the Medical Director of the Jebel Hospital Dr. Geanina Trâmbaci.

“The food and fruit we receive are very useful and help us to diversify the patients’ menu,” the doctor explained.

The metropolitan constantly helps these hospitals and other social institutions from the Archdiocese of Timișoara. Only during last year’s state of emergency, he offered 15 tons of food.

Photo credit: Metropolis of Banat

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