Metropolis of Cluj to open Orthodox school in Bistrita

The Metropolis of Cluj, Maramures, and Salaj has begun the renovation of an old music school in Bistrita. The building will be the home of a new social-educational centre in honour of Grigore Pletosu, the first dean of the area.

The unit will first provide primary and secondary education, but is expected to function as high school in the future, said Fr. Tudor Mudure, diocesan inspector for youth activities in Bistrita-Nasaud County.

“It is known that the Orthodox Church is increasingly interested in the social, educational, and cultural fields, but, in particular, in the education of children and young people. A school under the aegis of the Church will also operate in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, with the blessing and at the initiative of His Eminence Metropolitan Andrei, who considered it necessary and beneficial to set up a secondary school,” Fr Tudor Mudure told a local publication Bistrițeanul.

“Obviously we want a high school here, but we don’t know yet if space allows us to organize high school classes there. It is certain that there will be a high school, but we do not know exactly where,” explained the priest.

The cleric also said that the primary destination of the centre will be social. There will be a canteen for children who do not have the necessary facilities at home, and also a chapel.

‘Grigore Pletosu’ Social Educational Centre will also be the headquarters of the Bistrita branch of the Association of Young Orthodox Christians (ASCOR).

Fr. Tudor Mudure stressed that the institution will not function as a theological seminary, but as a private school with a theoretical profile operating in compliance with the program of the Ministry of National Education.

Students will study all the subjects taught in the other state schools, focusing on moral education.

“We rely on the text of the Holy Scriptures, where the wise Solomon said that we ought to teach young people and children what kind of behaviour they should have. So, even when they grow old, they will not deviate from it. We will put a lot of emphasis on moral education, respecting the methodology in force”, explained Father Tudor Mudure for Bistriteanul.

Photo: Ziarul de Bistrița

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