Metropolis of Bessarabia urges calm and discernment over coronavirus fears

The Metropolis of Bessarabia urged believers to remain calm and to strictly follow the recommendations transmitted by the health authorities to avoid infections with the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

In a press release, the Orthodox Metropolis of Bessarabia listed the main recommendations of authorities to prevent the spread of coronavirus: wash hands and face vigorously with water and soap; cover mouth and nose in case of coughing or sneezing; disinfect objects and surfaces frequently used.

The metropolis urged people to join in prayer and ask for the protection and blessing of God, ‘the Physician of our souls and bodies.’

“We urge all, regardless of the trials we are subjected to, to maintain their calm and discernment, because more serious than physical diseases are spiritual illnesses, while the attacks against God, the revealed truth, and the Church are clear symptoms of spiritual illness,” reads the communique.

“We must not forget that our ancestors have gone through times of crisis (diseases, wars, etc.) with prayer, and the partaking of the Lord’s Holy Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist has often meant the solving of all trials.”

The Metropolis of Bessarabia urged Christians to prepare themselves for this Great Lent and to approach properly ‘the medicine that relieves all pain: Christ’s Body – the eternal Source’.

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Bessarabia

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