Message of Condolences at the Passing Away of Patriarch of Bulgaria

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel sent a message of condolences at the passing away of His Beatitude Maxim, Patriarch of Bulgaria, which we render below:

To the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

His Excellency NAUM, Assistant Bishop, Secretary of the Holy Sinod

Your Excellency,

It is with deep Christian sorrow that we have received the news of the passing away from this world, after a long illness, of our Brother in Christ and concelebrant, of blessed memory, Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria.

On behalf of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church and of the clergy and the faithful from Romania, we share in the sorrow caused by this event and convey to the hierarchs, the clergy and the faithful of the sister Orthodox Church of Bulgaria our condolences, praying that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest, repose his soul in peace among the righteous and grant to the entire Orthodox people of Bulgaria protection and strength in faith.

May his memory be eternal!


Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

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