Message of Condolences at the Passing Away of Her Majesty Queen Ana of Romania


His Majesty, King Mihai I of Romania,

Her Royal Highness, Princess Heiress Margareta,

The Royal Family of Romania,

We learned with sadness about the passing away from this life of Her Majesty Queen Ana of Romania, at the venerable age of 92 years, in Morges hospital (Switzerland).

Discreet and distinguished, Her Majesty Queen Ana of Romania will remain in the conscience of the Romanian people as a model of courage, nobleness, and modesty, permanent supporter of the initiatives of His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania for serving the Romanian nation, both during the difficult times of exile and after coming back to the country.

At his sad time, on behalf of the Holy Synod, of the clergy, and faithful of the Romanian Orthodox Church, we transmit our paternal condolences to the Royal Family of Romania and to all those who have met and appreciated Her Majesty Queen Ana.

We pray God to rest the soul of Her Majesty Queen Ana of Romania in the light, peace, and love of the Most Holy Trinity.

May she be always remembered from generation to generation!

With paternal condolences and blessing for the grieved members of the Royal Family and for all the mourning ones,


Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church



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