Merciful love is the ultimate criterion of the Last Judgement, Patriarch Daniel says

Patriarch Daniel homily on Sunday of the Last Judgement

The Gospel read on the Sunday of the Last Judgement presents God as humble and merciful love. Therefore, merciful love is the ultimate criterion of the Last Judgement, the Patriarch of Romania stressed Feb. 19 in his homily.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel delivered a homily during the Sunday Divine Liturgy celebrated at the Chapel of his Patriarchal Residence referring to the Last Judgement.

The Patriarch pointed out that the gospel passage read at the Divine Liturgy presents the moment of the General Judgement and the criteria according to which each of us will be judged. Patriarch Daniel explained the fundamental difference between Particular Judgement and General Judgement.

His Beatitude said that particular judgement is incomplete and temporary. Man’s temporary state after death is connected to the consequences of his actions throughout history. Reward or punishment will be given according to one’s deeds and their consequences.

The Romanian Patriarch went on to speak about the solemn moment of the General Judgement. ‘This Judgement’, the Patriarch said, ‘is frightening because of its universality. It is solemn because our Saviour Jesus Christ will come with power and great glory’.

Each human being will know the true value and meaning of his or her deeds during the general judgement. All peoples and generations will be present at the Last Judgement.

Reflecting on the gospel passage, Patriarch Daniel said that humans will be judged not only for their bad deeds but also for the good deeds they could have performed.

‘The biblical passage read at the Divine Liturgy presents the last judgement as frightening because it reveals the contrast between humbleness and Christ’s glory,’ the Patriarch said.

‘During his earthly life, man is free to perform or not good deeds. In His humbleness, God does not interfere and allows man’s freedom. However, at the last judgement, every one of us will meet a righteous God, Who will judge us according to our deeds.’

Focusing on the spiritual meaning of humbleness Patriarch Daniel recalled that God is present in a humble and mysterious way in every suffering person.

‘The ultimate criterion of the Last Judgement will be communion with those in need and hardship. God does not accept neutrality or indifference,’ the Patriarch added.

‘Today’s gospel places our attention on the gift and purpose of human freedom’, the Patriarch said.

His Beatitude ended his homily by urging everyone to combine humble prayer and sincere repentance with merciful love throughout our entire life.

Photo credit: Lumina Newspaper

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