Map of Orthodox Parishes in the United States available for download

 A new map, Orthodox Bishops and Parishes in the United States, is now available on the USA Bishops Assembly website. 

The updated map shows:

a) locations, names and jurisdictions of all active Orthodox bishops in the United States and

b) the total number of Orthodox parishes in each county.

The map is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America is one of thirteen bishops’ assemblies that have been established in different geographical regions throughout the world. It is made up of all the active, canonical Orthodox bishops of the United States of America, of every jurisdiction.

The purpose of the Assembly of Bishops of the United States of America is to preserve and contribute to the unity of the Orthodox Church by helping to further her spiritual, theological, ecclesiological, canonical, educational, missionary and philanthropic aims. To accomplish this, the Assembly has as its goals:

i) the promotion and accomplishment of Church unity in the United States

ii) the strengthening of the common pastoral ministry to all the Orthodox faithful of the region;

iii) a common witness by the Church to all those outside her.

In addition, the Assembly has as an express goal: the organization of the Church in the United States in accordance with the ecclesiological and the canonical tradition of the Orthodox Church.

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