Journalists have the duty to be impartial, independent and constructive community binders, Patriarch Daniel says

‘Journalism profession is of particular importance in the functioning of the social body, by assuming the role of a community binder, impartial and independent, but expected to be constructive in the public space, often crossed by storms and uncertainties,’ Patriarch Daniel said.

The Patriarch of Romania sent a message to the journalists in Romania focusing on the importance of Christian values and social responsibility. The message was occasioned by the Gala of the Centennial of the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania, which took place on Thursday, Sept. 26.

His Beatitude quoted one of his personal mentors, Fr. Dumitru Staniloae, noting that ‘a newspaper must have a broad, harmonious horizon and to respect the moral foundations, which are absolutely necessary for the healthy existence of the crowds.’

‘Maybe we will reach that state someday when the one who wants to become a journalist will have to give strong evidence not only of their stylistic dexterity but also of strong faith and unwavering morality,’ the Patriarch wrote remembering Staniloae’s words.

‘We look with respect to all journalists from public or private media outlets who do their duty with honesty and professionalism,’ the Patriarch stressed, inviting all those who wish to know more about the projects and activities of the Church to maintain a closer contact with the Press Office and the entire Basilica Media Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate.

Pointing to the 100th anniversary of the Union of Professional Journalists, Patriarch Daniel expressed his appreciation for the efforts to bring together journalists from different generations and ‘to cultivate dignity and responsibility of a profession that had and can make a major contribution to the good progress of society.’

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