In pictures: Romanian Patriarchate donates medical equipment to twenty hospitals

Patriarhia Română a donat dispozitive medicale pentru douăzeci de spitale din țară

On Wednesday, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, donated twenty medical devices for paediatric use to several hospitals in the country.

The representatives of the twenty hospitals were presented August 9, 2017, with the medical devices at the Conventus Hall of the Palace of the Patriarchate, where they attended a seminar held by a representative of the producing company on how to use the devices.

The funds needed to purchase the state-of-the-art equipment, about 65,000 Euros, were collected by the volunteers of the Chapel of the National Cathedral, under the direction of the Very Reverend Archimandrite Ciprian Grădinaru.

The Patriarch congratulated the fund-raisers and pointed to the importance of the investment saying that we are happy that the believers who come and seek spiritual health through prayer, confession and Holy Communion at the Chapel of the National Cathedral are preoccupied with the physical health of those who are sick.

The patriarch noted that the Chapel’s volunteers, directed by Archimandrite Ciprian Gradinaru, have previously helped other hospitals, especially in Bucharest. Now, many of the hospitals helped are located throughout the country.

Urging everyone to preserve and cultivate the sacred gift of life in accordance with God’s will, His Beatitude expressed his belief that medical science together with prayer offers much help to patients in hospitals, especially to children. There are many children who suffer and need to be taken care of, he said adding that the high-performance medical equipment is a great help for doctors.

Ioana Marin, a neonatologist at the Municipal Emergency Hospital of Roman, stressed that the use of the device received reduces the stress on the children, allowing a non-invasive procedure. This equipment does not require consumables and allows the storage of results for 100 patients.

The latest generation JM-105 Dräger Meter is designed to measure bilirubin levels in newborns and is priced at 2800 Euros (without VAT) per device.

From 2015 until today, with the support of the volunteers from the Chapel of the National Cathedral, the Romanian Patriarchate has donated medical equipment worth over 190,000 Euros.


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