Iasi Archdiocese to mark 380th anniversary of the translation of Saint Parascheva’s relics to Romania

On June 12-13, 2021, the Archdiocese of Iaşi will hold cultural and liturgical events marking the 380th anniversary of the translation of the relics of Saint Parascheva from Constantinople to Iaşi. The holy relics were a gift of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the ruler prince of Moldavia, Vasile Lupu. In 1641, the relics were enshrined at the Three Holy Hierarchs Church in Iasi.

For this reason, the events will take place mainly at the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery in Iasi, the head of the Cultural and Media Communications Sector of the Archdiocese of Iasi, Catalin Jeckel, told the Basilica News Agency.

“This anniversary aims at a liturgical dimension that will consist in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, on June 13, both at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi and at the Monastery of the Three Holy Hierarchs, being, moreover, a Sunday. The all-night vigil service will be held on Saturday, June 12.”

Remembering the translation of the relics 380 years ago, the program will include three cultural events, a symposium and an exhibition.

“Also on Saturday, in the Gothic Hall of the Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery, a symposium will be organized dedicated to emphasizing the significance, commemorating the history of the translation of the holy relics to Iasi. This is a symposium organized by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Iasi,” Catalin Jeckel said.

“Simultaneously with this symposium, a book exhibition about Saint Parascheva, historical testimonies, notes from liturgical books, monographic works, etc. will be organized in the Gothic Hall. This book exhibition will be organized by the Dumitru Stăniloae Library in Iaşi.”

“In addition, there will be an exhibition of items, vestments that have covered over time the relics of the pious saint, older and newer icons; the exhibition is organized by the Resurrectio Center in Iaşi together with the Cathedral of Iași.”

The liturgical and cultural manifestations are organized with the involvement of several sectors of the Archdiocesan Centre which “unite their efforts to bring back to the consciousness of today’s believers this unique moment in the history of Moldavia and the history of Romanians in general.”

In 1889, the holy relics of Saint Parascheva were moved to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi.

Photography courtesy of Doxologia.ro / Oana Nechifor

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