Huși Orthodox Diocese condemns vandalism at Jewish cemetery

The Orthodox Diocese of Huși expressed its deep sorrow over the ‘unspeakable action of desecration of several graves in the Jewish cemetery in Huşi.’

In a statement published on the official website, the Diocese of Huşi expressed its full compassion and solidarity with the members of the Jewish community in Husi, ‘as a reflex of the supportive relations cultivated in the tragic moments of the not-so-distant past, when hierarchs such as Bishop Gregory Leu of Husi considered it a moral duty to offer support.’

‘The Jewish community is a constituent part of the history of Husi, even though the vicissitudes of the times caused its spreading throughout the world. Their roots from these places, as well as the memory of the life and deeds of their beloved ones are brought together in the place where their ancestors rest eternally,’ the communique reads.

The Jewish Cemetery in Huşi, in eastern Romania’s Vaslui County, was vandalized, and 73 tombstones were destroyed, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania announced.

Photography courtesy of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania / Facebook

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