Huși Diocese issues press release on the case of former bishop Corneliu Onilă

A former bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Church was held for 30 days after the prosecutors have charged him with sexual abuse on a former student of his at the Orthodox theological seminary in Huși, Eastern Romania, where he used to work as a professor.

The former bishop of Huși, Corneliu Onilă, held this dignity from 2009 until 2017 when he stepped down after being involved in a sex scandal.

The Diocese of Huși issued a press release on Friday, May 22, 2020, saying that it took note of his detention and of the juridical-criminal nature of the former bishop’s deeds calling them ‘acts of great gravity, which are meant to disturb anyone in all aspects.’

‘The case, being of a criminal nature, belongs to the competent bodies of the State, while the Diocese of Huși, not being able to replace them, is waiting for the completion of the court case,’ the press release reads.

After an ‘indisputable decision’ will be issued for the case, the church regulations will also be applied, the diocese’s representatives wrote.

The diocesan press office noted that the diocese of Huși no longer had ‘any canonical connection’ with the former bishop Corneliu Onilă.

‘We regret the offence generated by this case, as well as the moral implications that do no honour to anyone, all the less so as they are linked to the image of a church servant, who must be an example of morality par excellence.’

‘No institution, however, can be confused with a person,’ the press release clarifies. ‘Mechanisms to combat criminal offences must work, regardless of the person concerned.’

The believers were urged ‘not to let this unfortunate case upset them more than it has done so far.’

Until a final decision, the diocese will no further develop this topic.

Photography: Diocese of Huși

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