Hungary Bishop Siluan blesses Romanian seniors in Gyula: They are the community’s precious treasure

“The precious treasure of the community” and “our wise believers”. This is what Bishop Siluan of Hungary called the members of the Association of Romanian Pensioners in Gyula in his speech on Sunday at the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Hungary. The message marked the 20th anniversary of the association.

“I am happy that the parish priest thought of honouring them with a prayer of thanksgiving to God and appreciation for the years He has given to all to this day, asking Him to continue to bless them with good health, help and strength for their joy and of their families,” His Grace Bishop Siluan said September 12.

The hierarch offered an anniversary diploma to the association and officiated a memorial service for the members who died.

Credit: Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Hungary

Guests from Oradea

The Divine Liturgy was attended by a group of over fifty people from the Parish of the Holy Great Martyr George in Oradea, together with their parish priest Vasile Sabău.

Bishop Siluan offered them a Diploma of Gratitude “for their love for the Ancestral Church and the Romanian community in Hungary and especially for the Romanians in Gyula and Apateu, whom they visited and supported countless times.”

Currently, the President of the Association of Romanian Pensioners in Gyula is Ioan Cioca.

Photography courtesy of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Hungary

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