HG Bishop Varlaam: The eternal love between the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity represents the inexhaustible source of the unity of the Church

This year, the Basilica Press Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary: a decade of ministry, ten years of formation and information!

On the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, members of every department of the Press Centre were united in prayer with His Grace Varlaam of Ploieşti at the Patriarchal Cathedral. The hierarch celebrated the Divine Liturgy, with several concelebrating priests and deacons, employees of the Basilica Press Centre.

The assembly of priests included Fr. Nicolae Dascălu Patriarchal Adviser, Fr. Teodor Gradinaciuc, Patriarchal Adviser (Trinitas Radio), Fr. Nicolae Cristian Câdă (Lumina Publications), and Fr. Bogdan Teleanu (Press Office).

In his homily, Bishop Varlaam pointed to the fact that the entire life of the Church is under the sign, the blessing and the power of the most Holy and life-giving Trinity.

His Grace, Bishop Varlaam, spoke about the fact that the invocation of the Holy Trinity is a main part of the worship of our Church.

His Grace explained that our every prayer, private or public, starts with the same invocation of the most Holy Trinity: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The hierarch added that every prayer of the Church ends with an ecphonesis in which the most Holy Trinity is glorified.

The Assistant Bishop to the Patriarch referred to the dogma of the most Holy Trinity and pointed out that this teaching is specific to Christianity: the dogma about the Holy Trinity, meaning a Triune God in One Being, is the fundamental teaching of Christianity. It absolutely distinguishes our Christian faith from other religions. For example, Judaism and Islam also honor one God, but only Christianity speaks about One God in Being and threefold in Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The hierarch noted that, in His public activity, in His preaching, our Savior, Jesus Christ often spoke about the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

The words of our Saviour speak about His relationship with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. These words of the Lord Jesus Christ highlight the unity of the most Holy Trinity.

The unity of the life-giving Trinity and the eternal love of the three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, represent the inexhaustible source of the unity of Christ’s Church and of the love that out to exist among the members of the Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ.

At the end, on the occasion of this anniversary, a thanksgiving service was officiated.

The Basilica Press Centre was founded at the initiative and with the blessing of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, on October 27, 2007. The Centre has five departments: Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, Lumina Publications, Basilica Press Agency, and the Public Relations Press Office.

Every year, there are two festive moments during which, all the employees of the Basilica Press Centre are united in communion and thanksgiving: on the feast of the Holy Trinity, and on October 27th, the feast of Saint Demetrius the New ­–Protector of Bucharest, the anniversary of the establishment of the Center.

Tr by Bogdan Neacşiu

Edited by basilica.ro

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