Greek Orthodox Orphanage burned in deadly Greek fire to be supported by Ecumenical Patriarchate

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew urged last Thursday the orthodox communities from Istanbul to collect economic support that will be offered to the fire-stricken “Lyreio Children’s Institution – Orthodox Village,” whose headquarters are in Neo Voutsa.

Simultaneously, His All-Holiness exhorts all of the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s Archdioceses and Metropolises throughout the world, as well as every believer and person of goodwill, to contribute toward the relief of those affected in any way they deem fit and in accordance with their own abilities.

The Greek Orthodox Orphanage damaged by the deadly fires

An Orthodox orphanage was seriously damaged by the deadly fires that hit eastern Attica last Monday.

45 kids were forced to evacuate before the flames engulfed the premises of the Lyrio Children Foundation based in the village of Neos Voutzas.

They are temporary housed in other children’s institutions in the area. The nuns, who run the orphanage, say that most of premises are uninhabitable and unsafe, Greek Reporter noted.

A spokesperson said the priority is reconnecting water and electricity supplies, and replacing the vehicles necessary for the transportation of the children.

The Lyrio Children Foundation, founded in 1969, is described as a model Orthodox orphanage, where “few devoted nuns care for, raise and educate children that have less opportunities in their lives.”

Its purpose is to provide free shelter, health care and education to unprotected children, who are left without their parents either because they are not alive or because they are facing serious family, economic or social problems.

The nuns have made an appeal for funds following the disaster. Donations can be made through the following accounts:

Photo courtesy of: Greek Reporter

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