Germany’s Greek Metropolitan visits Romanian Settlement in München

The Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Germany, Augustinos, visited the construction site of the Romanian Settlement in München last Sunday, Jan. 25, where he met with the Romanian Archdiocese’s Assistant Bishop Sofian of Brasov.

“We were pleased to see together for the first time, among other things, the concrete structure of the future Baptistery in the Cross Hall.”

“His Eminence appreciated the beauty and the size of the Settlement, an additional proof that the Orthodox are taking root in Germany,” wrote Bishop Sofian of Braşov on his personal Facebook page.

The Romanian Orthodox Settlement in München is dedicated to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and serves as the residence and headquarters of the assistant bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg.

München is the city with the largest Romanian population in Germany (approx. 20,000).

Photography courtesy of Facebook / Episcop Sofian Brașoveanul

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