German Delegation from Bavaria Land to the Romanian Patriarchate

Today, 1 November 2012, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church received the visit of a German delegation from Bavaria Land headed by His Grace Sofian Brasoveanul, Assistant Bishop to the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese for Germany, Austria and Luxemburg.

During the meeting, His Beatitude discussed with the president of the Parliament of Bavaria Land, Barbara Stamm, about the importance of the social projects initiated in our country.

“Your Beatitude, thank you very much for the special reception that you made us. It has always been a close relationship between us ever since you were in Iasi (as Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina) just like between the two peoples, Romanian and German, especially the relationship between the Saxons of Transylvania and those from Bavaria. We hope that this relationship born in Iasi to continue here, in Bucharest, through several projects that we will build and implement together. We can say that last year, on 11 September 2011, when you came to Munich and laid the foundation stone to the future church and to the centre of the Diocese that will be built there, a new project was initiated that we will continue with God’s help and that of these wonderful collaborators whom you have and who keep on fighting for your project, so that we hope to bring it to a good end”, the President of Bavaria land said, as Trinitas Radio informs us.

The Patriarch of Romania took turns in thanking for the support that Bavaria land gives to the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Munich.

“We thank Mrs Barbara Stamm and all her collaborators for more than 20 social projects that she developed during the last 20 years in Romania, not only in Moldova, but also in some other parts of Romania. Mrs Barbara Stamm is the model of the Christian politician who helps the Church from her position as well as some other local communities to feel God’s love concretely. We thank all those from Bavaria, from Munich, who support this project as well as for the fact that you encourage His Grace Sofian especially since he is at the beginning of his activity. We have also seen this solidarity as a great chance for the Orthodox Romanians to cooperate with the Christian Churches from Bavaria and to integrate the Romanians in the context of today’s German society.”

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