For 5 years on social media: Five good reasons to follow us, one reason you should not

On October 20, 2015, the Basilica News Agency joined Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A bit late, indeed. But we made up for it.

We have tens of reasons to invite you to join the community. We’ve chosen only five reasons, hoping to be sufficient. If you’re not convinced, please write to us, wherever you fancy.

1. Different news

The Romanian Patriarchate’s News Agency assumed as a motto to transmit ‘The Good to Know.’ We chose what is the hardest, but it is worth it. It is said that positive news is not successful. We believe it has an effect.

We are here 24/7 to complete the media landscape with the often-ignored activity of the Church to offer you examples of good practice, philanthropic initiatives, good deeds happening at the diocesan level both at home and abroad. We look for the relevant good, then we display it in front of everyone to help it become contagious.

Positive news is constructive. Our ‘Basilica’ is growing day by day. On Facebook, we put 90,000 bricks on top of each other, on Instagram, almost 20,000, and on Twitter 2,000.

2. We’re up-to-date

If you choose to follow us, you will be always up-to-date as regards Church life. We add ancient teachings that are still actual to novelties. We work under the protection of the Apostles. Did you know that the Gospels are actually ‘the oldest and most-read reports of humankind?’ (Razvan Bucuroiu).

We put everything on screen professionally, so say the specialists. We were offered as an example at the faculties of journalism in Bucharest and Iasi, but also at Bucharest’s National School of Political and Administrative Studies and at the Academy of Economic Studies.

Some research papers include case studies on the activity of

3. Information from the source

We are often cited by national and international media. If you follow us, you have access to truthful information, straight from the source. We keep in contact with all the diocesan centres in Romania and in the Diaspora. We report about the Church’s events while occurring.

4. Not only religious news

Who says we write only about the Church? Have you noticed our website categories on Environment, Culture or Society? We pay attention to everything that could be of your interest. That is why, academicians, writers, many journalists, ambassadors, politicians keep an eye on us. We see you and thank you!

5. Not only news

Many of our followers are not so much interested in the daily newsfeed, but more in the beauty of Orthodoxy, in teachings, in pieces of advice. Especially for them, we always prepare “The Week in Pictures,” various photo reports, infographics, but also contests, discussions, challenges, socializing. We are an active, strongly united community, although we are at a distance, especially nowadays.

Don’t follow us on social media!

We fulfil our duty and buzz you always with everything what ‘The Good to Know’ means, but there are several moments when you should ignore us. When in church or at prayer, switch off your phone. Avoid social media abuse for the rest of the time also.

Jean-Claude Larchet stresses that social media abuse leads to external solicitation and dispersion, an invasive occupation of time, the impossibility of establishing or maintaining inner peace, and the destruction of the attention and concentration necessary for vigilance and prayer.

‘Disconnect from new media to reconnect with God and your neighbour!’

Jean Claude Larchet

‘Today, more than ever, it is necessary to be aware that social networks consume the most valuable resource of life – time – which is the gift of God for the salvation of mankind, that is, for the acquisition of eternal life.’

Patriarch Daniel

If you intend to “fast” of social media for a while, you can follow us quietly on our website or on the Android app. Or subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for following us!

Photography courtesy of Diario Marca

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