For 13 years, the Basilica News Agency: Profile

In a world assailed by information, Patriarch Daniel saw the presence of the Orthodox Church in the Romanian media landscape as a primary necessity.

Less than a month after his enthronement, on October 27, 2007, His Beatitude established the Basilica Media Centre, consisting of five components: Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, Lumina publications, Basilica News Agency, Press & PR Office.

Basilica News Agency then appeared as a department. The official launch of the website and the start of the actual activity took place a few months later, on June 16, 2008. The youngest of the Basilica Media Centre is the only news agency of an autocephalous Orthodox Church.

From the first day, the institution started with the precise role “to present, in the form of news articles and press documentaries, the institutions, activities and attitudes of the Romanian Orthodox Church, as well as other Churches, in various current issues.”

The agency undertook to carry out its activity “following the principles of Christian morality and the norms of journalistic deontology.”

At the beginning, we functioned as a news aggregator from all the Dioceses of the Romanian Patriarchate, taking the information directly from the source, with few interventions on the form or content. Three significant site changes followed in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

The website’s relevance, quality and appearance of the news articles have increased with the massive migration of print media to the digital environment. Thus, became the most relevant religious news website in Romania, being cited not only by the national press but also by media outlets worldwide. About 15% of the articles are also available in English.

Not just news

Since October 2015, has been present on social media. In 2016, with the launch of the site’s current version, a rethinking of the visual identity took place. At the same time, the initial motto “The good news shared with all” was summarized in “The Good to Know.”

The range of topics has expanded from religious events and Church messages to social, cultural, art, tourism, ecology and even sports. The Agency has recently developed in interviews, opinions and photo reports.

Especially on social networks, the Basilica News Agency has assumed, in addition to its informational function, catechesis and religious education, dedicated mainly to young people. Greater emphasis was placed on photography, creating infographics with Orthodox teachings, memes with various quotes.

Also, in 2016, the religious news application was launched (for Android devices).

The activity has been constantly diversified. In 2017, the Basilica News Agency opened its newsletter service, through which, three times a week, subscribers receive essential topics in the religious world.

At the end of 2017, the “Basilica Monthly Review” appeared in PDF format – a project that came from the desire to take a break from the daily news feed to summarize and analyze the most important topics of the last period. Since 2019, the review has been rethought as an easier-to-read, smartphone-friendly online magazine, and it is now called “The Good to Know Magazine”.

Orthodox photography

Following the model of renowned news agencies, the photojournalists bring forth every Monday “The Week in Pictures”. The project initiated in July 2018 aims to present the most exciting photos from the Orthodox world that cover various topics: from church holidays to social-cultural events and spiritual life.

In 2019 took place the first photo exhibition organized by in collaboration with 14 photographers, “The Portrait of the Romanian village”. In 2020 the first photo contest organized by the Agency had the title “Church life in times of pandemic”. has exceeded 100,000 published articles and has an average of over 20,000 unique visitors per day.

We hope that the 13th anniversary will be just a milestone in the history of that we want as long as possible, together with our followers and collaborators.

Thank you for supporting “The Good to Know”!

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