First statement after election | Bishop Ignatie asks for God’s help in his new ministry

Episcopul Ignatie

On Thursday, following his election as Bishop of Huşi by the Holy Synod, His Grace Ignatie held his first speech in which he thanked God and asked Him to bless his new ministry.

You gave me tremendous credit by electing me titular bishop of this blessed diocese. I know that the expectations of Your Eminences and Your Graces are directly proportional to the stringent, responsible and consistent demands that such dignity implies.

However, I strongly hope that your constant prayers, your love and unceasing support will be of sacred reference in this entrusted ministry.

I propose, with the help and work of God’s grace, to serve the clergy and the faithful in the Huşi Diocese, and I say it with the fullness of my consciousness, to be as Saint Simeon the New Theologian urges: a stranger to sin, humble in the outside behaviour, and with a broken heart in the inward state.

Without placing me in what is conventional, it is my natural duty to thank the Triune God, and Saint Ignatius Theophorus, my spiritual protector, for all these moments. I also thank Your Beatitude for the sincere trust, love and especially for your discrete care for my person. Thank you!

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