Faith is a spiritual sight of the heart

Today, 2 December 2012, the Orthodox faithful are on the 31st Sunday after the Pentecost. The evangelical pericope according to Luke concerning the healing of the blind man of Jericho was read in all churches during the Divine Liturgy.

This wonder teaches us, first of all, how important faith is, seen not as an intellectual conviction, but as a spiritual feeling of the presence of God, His Beatitude said in the sermon delivered in the chapel of “Saint Gregory the Enlightener” of the Patriarchal Residence.

“The spiritual image of the presence of God is needed even when we pass through sufferance. It is a spiritual sight of the heart, of the soul beyond the sight of the eyes, and this sight is named faith. Faith is a relation with God, not only an intellectual conviction. We believe in God not only that God exists. When we believe in God it means that we put all our hope and meaning of our life in God as the Source of earthen life and of the heavenly life too, the Source of the eternal earthen and heavenly life”, His Beatitude said.

The text of the Gospel, specially chosen for the Advent of the Nativity of the Lord, also urges us to mercy, the Patriarch of Romania also said.

“The Gospel shows us that we must not be indifferent to the people’s sufferance. Very often we are in a hurry, we pass too quickly by the people who suffer, we have no time to listen to them, to help them, but Jesus Christ, our Lord, stops and is sensitive to sufferance, to the call, prayer, request, and insistence of this sick man, the blind man from Jericho.

The Gospel calls us, during this period of the Nativity of the Lord, to be sensitive to the sufferance of these people who need our help”, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel said, according to Trinitas Radio station.

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