Ecumenical Patriarch to youth: Make proper use of technology

During an event, which was held on Friday, January 3, at Zografeion Lyceum, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew gave advice to the population of the Greek Diaspora, that is the youth and their parents, and then he blessed and cut the Vasilopita.

The Ecumenical Patriarch highlighted the profound impact that technological development has on society and drew the attention of parents and young people to the potential dangers of using new technologies: “Television, the Internet, and computers have brought radical changes in the identity of children and in society. Technology has a lot of influence on the child ‘s psyche, education and daily life. Experts talk about the ‘disappearance’ of childhood as well as of the loss of childhood ‘innocence’. If we consider the violations of children’s rights worldwide, children-victims of war conflicts, children-refugees, and deprivation, then we understand why children do not have the right environment for development and protection in modern society.”

He stressed that Mother Church has been treating children with affection in order to face all those challenges. He also added, “The new social and cultural realities make the education of the new generation more difficult and complicated. Television and the Internet are also sources of values, that is a ‘parallel school’. Orthodox Christians, who are parents, must raise and educate their children properly and instil in them proper Christian values.”

In addition, addressing young girls and boys, the Ecumenical Patriarch said, “On the occasion of today’s gathering, we give advice to you, the youth, on how to use technology properly. Computers, smartphones, and the Internet are indeed a technological miracle and that is why they fascinate you. However, you have to make the right use of them. Technological advancement requires freedom and responsibility.”

Photo credit: Orthodox Times

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