Easter Message: The Church of Jerusalem prays from the empty and Life-giving Tomb for the healing of all people

The Easter message signed by Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem conveys the encouragement that “the rising from the dead of our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ filled the universe with the unwaning and unending light.” 

The Patriarch of Jerusalem reiterates the history of the sufferings, the Resurrection of the Lord, the appearances after the Resurrection and the sending of the Holy Spirit stressing the need to trust in the power of God.

“By this grace and the power given by Him, the Church continues His redemptive mission on earth,” His Beatitude noted.

“It receives people, makes them its members through baptism “unites them with Christ”, humanizes them through His teaching of conciliation, peace, concord and love, not only towards our fellow men but even towards our enemies, sanctifies them through the sacraments, makes them workers of beneficiary deeds in society and upon their death, it transfers them to the heavenly life, with joy and cheerfulness, where they relish the eternal light of the Trinitarian God in the hope of the Resurrection unto eternal life.”

Patriarch Theophilos recalled that the Church of Jerusalem “was the first to receive the remission of sins through the resurrection,” and now co-suffers with the Covid-19 pandemic plague.

The Church of Jerusalem prays from the empty and Life-giving Tomb “for the return of the pilgrims to the Holy Land, for the peace and stability in the world and in the Middle East, and especially for the health, prosperity and salvation of its Christian congregation all over the world.”

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