Durrës Theological Academy, one of the most modern schools in Albania

The St. Vlasius Theological Academy in Durrës is one of the most modern schools in Albania, Orthodox Times informs.

Archbishop Anastasios opened the school, which started operating as a seminar in 1992. Its main aim is to become a nursery for priests.

Initially, a hotel was the first building to house the academy when 45 students began to take lessons under very difficult conditions. In 1996, the academy was relocated to a modern building complex near the Monastery of Saint Vlasius, located in the homonymous village near Durres.

The first class of women entered the academy in 1997. The graduates of the Theological Academy are highly trained who are capable of serving in various positions in the Church of Albania and in society in general.

Young men and women attending school have the potential to broaden their horizons, making the most of the well-stocked library with thousands of religious, scientific, historical, literary books.

Photo courtesy of The Albanian Orthodox Church

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