Dispersed across different countries, we are united by faith, language, history and traditions: Metropolitan of Bessarabia on the Day of Romanians Everywhere

His Eminence Metropolitan Petru of Bessarabia published a message on the Day of Romanians Everywhere, celebrated on the last Sunday of May.

On behalf of the Metropolitan Synod, His Eminence conveyed wishes of “health, peace and prosperity, to the entire Romanian spirit, wherever it may be.”

The Metropolitan of Bessarabia highlighted the aspects that unite Romanians all over the world.

“The historical, political and social premises have dispersed us today across different countries and continents, but the common Faith, Language, History and Tradition that we have, are the ones that bring us closer, unite us and define us as a whole Romanian Nation,” Metropolitan Petru noted.

His Eminence Metr. Petru emphasized the Church’s care for the Romanian communities in the diaspora and recalled that 2021 is dedicated to the pastoral care of Romanians abroad, “wishing to pay special attention to Romanians who have left or are forced to find themselves outside the Romanian border, but who, together, define a single Romanian nation.”

“We pray to the Merciful God, to bless all Romanian spirit with His Heavenly blessing and to keep Romanians everywhere in brotherly love, mutual understanding and much wisdom”, Metropolitan Petru of Bessarabia added in his message.

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Bessarabia

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