Diocese of Maramureș offers humanitarian aid and builds four houses for the victims of the floods

The Diocese of Maramureș offered food and 800 pairs of shoes last week for the victims of the floods in Satu Mare county. The eparchy will build four houses for the most affected families.

Archimandrite Casian Filip of the diocese’s social-philanthropic department met with clergy and local authorities on Monday to decide what kind of support to offer the victims.

Criteria were established for selecting the most affected families and determining what kind of help each family needs.

The diocese will build four houses in Hurezu Mare and Rătești and it will also provide construction materials for victims in another town. Help will be offered as soon as the social inquiry report is finalized.

Photo: Diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar

The diocese has provided food for flood victims in Rătești and Giungi, and it will offer more food and necessity items for other villages as well.

Archimandrite Casian Filip offered on Tuesday 800 pairs of shoes for the victims of the floods.

Over 1,000 households were affected, the most severe outcome was in Giungi and Rătești villages, where 300 hectares of agricultural land and 66 houses were affected, while 270 people were displaced at relatives or at the town’s Cultural center.

The diocese is located in northern Romania.

Photo: Diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar

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