Diaconia Social Mission opens first Food Bank in the Republic of Moldova

‘Diaconia’ Social Mission of the Orthodox Metropolis of Bessarabia formally opened the first food bank in the Republic of Moldova on Thursday, July 23, 2020.

The food bank will collect, store and distribute food to socially and materially disadvantaged people and families, non-governmental organizations, canteens and social centres.

The products will be collected from economic agents, agricultural food chains, retailers and then distributed to the beneficiaries in due time.

Igor Belei, director of the Diaconia Social Mission, explained this new social program’s main objective.

“The Food Bank aims to solve a seemingly simple problem, but one that affects thousands of people – hunger. Although we are in an agricultural country, we have children affected by malnutrition and the elderly who can hardly afford a hot meal every day.”

“Our team is in a natural process of identifying ways to use local resources, as we see an abundance of unused resources from which the effects of poverty could be minimized,” Igor Belei said.

During this program, principles such as social equity, a balanced diet, environmental protection, product quality, storage and transport in safe and hygienic conditions will be observed, the organizers noted.

The Social Mission “Diaconia” is a structure of the Orthodox Metropolis of Bessarabia and a member of the Filantropia Federation that operates throughout the Republic of Moldova, being one of the largest providers of social services.

Photography courtesy of Diaconia Social Mission

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