Cluj Metropolitan praises ‘charismatic patriarch for atypical times’ Daniel on 69th birthday

Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj wrote an article in a local publication about His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel who will soon celebrate his 69th birthday.

The Metropolitan of Cluj, Maramures and Salaj calls the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church ‘a charismatic patriarch for atypical times’ and ‘a strong patriarch for difficult times.’

“And, we would not be honest,” says the metropolitan, “if we did not recognize that the times we live in are difficult. They are difficult not only when we refer to the precarious economic situation, which is obvious, but also when we refer to the spiritual one.”

“The flag bearer in this battle is His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, a powerful patriarch for difficult times. And one of the bastions that he raises in the way of the wave of temporality that can drown us is the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral,” His Eminence wrote.

‘His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel has built a foundation for eternity because the National Cathedral will speak over the years about the faith, sacrifice and love for the spiritual values of a generation.’

‘Besides his openness to the world, to European values and ecumenism, our Patriarch remains rooted in the Tradition of his predecessors. He believes and confesses, as our forefathers and ancestors believed and confessed. He believes in God, One in being and triune in Persons, Who created them and us, Who protected and exalted us over the ages in the land given to us to bear forth the strength of body and the wisdom of the mind.’

‘No major problem in the contemporary world was overlooked by Patriarch Daniel. Therefore, on the initiative of His Beatitude, each liturgical year is dedicated to an issue that concerns society. This year was dedicated to the suffering Christian family and, implicitly, to the two important Mysteries related to the family’s fate: Baptism and Marriage.’

‘In a world where there are almost no landmarks, for us Romanians and, especially, for us Transylvanians, Patriarch Daniel is a landmark and a Father.’

‘He is a Father in the sense that the elders of old used to give to this word, understanding that the Primate, being knowledgeable of divine things, has a just judgment of human things, by which he knows how to guide humans in the way of God.’

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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