Cluj Cathedral’s chanters, sextons receive ecclesiastical awards as recognition from Metropolitan Andrei

The lay chanters and sextons of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Cluj received ecclesiastical awards from His Eminence Metropolitan Andrei on Sunday. The awards were given at the end of the Divine Liturgy “as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for active involvement in Church life.”

The chanters Vlad Zurgalău, Raul Lăcătuș and Vlăduț Sărmaș received the Order of Bishop Nicolae Ivan for lay people, and the sextons Dănuț Moldovan, Ioan Sterp, Daniel Trif, Dan Cerceș, Dragoș Topan and Efrem Neacșu received the Mihai Vodă Order for lay people.

In his Sunday sermon, His Eminence spoke of how we can be crucified and rise with Christ.
“How do we crucify ourselves with Christ? Let us fast of both food and evil. Only so can we crucify ourselves with Christ. This is how we walk with Him on the way of the cross. (…) In addition to this crucifixion, which we do voluntarily: fasting, reading the Holy Scriptures, confessing well, doing acts of charity and the like, there are many troubles and trials that come upon us without our will, but just bearing them is a way of fasting,” Metropolitan Andrei said April 4.

The liturgical answers were offered by the Choir of the Metropolitan Cathedral, conducted by Prof. Rev. Vasile Stanciu, director of the “Isidor Todoran” Doctoral School.

Photography of the Metropolis of Cluj

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