City of Tallinn to allocate $104,000 for restoration of orthodox church

The Chairman of the Tallinn City Council, Mikhail Kilvart will sign an agreement today on support for the restoration of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in the city’s Kopli subdistrict. According to the agreement, $104,000 (90,000 euros) will be allocated for the work,  Orthocristian reports.

Tallinn has proven itself a friend to the Orthodox Church, having allocated funds for parish restorations several times in recent years.

“The Kopli parish of St. Nicholas has repaired the roof of its parish, the main entrance, and preserved the icons located in the church by its own efforts and with the city’s support,” Kilvart said.

“This year, the parish is planning to restore the church facades and carry out other work, for which the city will allocate 90,000 euros.”

The church will be represented by its rector Archpriest Evgeny Startsev at the signing of the agreement.

The wooden church was built by Tallinn architect Alexander Vladovsky in the mid-early 20th century. It belonged to the city until 2012, when it was transferred to the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The building is designed on the model of Russian wooden architecture.

In 2017, $53,000 were allocated to the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos, and $215,000 to the same parish in May of this year.

In late December, the Estonian federal government decided to allocate 8.2 million euros ($9,828,110) to churches operating in Estonia as compensation for damages received during the course of the war and occupations of the previous century.

Among them, the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (EAOC) received $1,677,970.

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