Church of Greece: Voluntary abortion is a murder, we do not accept it

Afiste me na ziso

The Permanent Synod of the Orthodox Church in Greece ruled last week that it considers voluntary abortion to be a murder and cannot accept the practice.

The Holy Synod met under the chairmanship of His Beatitude Archbishop Hieronymos II of Athens and All Greece on February 3-4, 2020.

According to an announcement after the two-day conference, the Synod ruled that “based on the Holy Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Orthodox Church of Christ, [it] expresses its theological position on the embryo as a complete and integral human being since its conception, and therefore, it considers voluntary abortion as murder and does not accept it.”

The move follows the controversy caused last month by a pro-life organization which put up posters in Athens‘ metro stations promoting the positions of the Greek anti-abortion movement called ”Afiste Me Na Ziso” (”Let Me Live”), The Greek Reporter comments.

Since the very first moments of their appearance, the banners have sparked widespread reactions as well as condemnation by politicians, celebrities and members of the public, forcing the government to intervene and order the posters to be removed.

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