Christ’s message to women: Don’t be afraid to bring children into the world. Fill the Heaven with saints | HG Iustin

Bishop Iustin of Maramureș and Sătmar celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the “Dormition of the Mother of God” Cathedral in Satu Mare on the second Easter day. In his homily, he offered an original interpretation of our Saviour’s message to the myrrh-bearing women: “Rejoice!” and “Be not afraid”. The hierarch said these invitations also apply when it comes to giving birth to children for eternal life.

“Who are the most sorrowful among those surrounding the Mother of God? The women. The myrrh-bearing women,” emphasized His Grace.

“They suffer when they see life dying, when they see a human being degrading to destruction – because they are those who bring life into the world: mothers, women. They are the most sorrowful” on the Holy Friday.

But, showing Himself to the myrrh-bearing women, Christ “gave joy to the women and told them: ‘Be not afraid’”.

“Be not afraid to bring children into the world, for they do not die forever. They are not destined to death and hell, but to Resurrection and eternity and Heaven. Be brave! Fill the Heaven with saints. This is what women have done after Christ’s Resurrection,” explained Bishop Iustin the Lord’s message for us, those who fear even natural phenomenons such as pregnancy.

“Until Christ came, women were as slaves. They did not matter much. But Christ gave them destiny and purpose: to fill the Earth with great people, humane people, and to fill the Heaven with saints! And God’s Heaven and His Church did fill with saints,” he said.

Thus, the hierarch underlined the importance of the feminine vocation in the history of Salvation: each time she gives birth to life, she crushes the head of the serpent.

Photo credit: Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar (archive)

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