Children recite Eminescu poems in foreign languages at Bellu Cemetery on Romania’s culture day

Several students from the International School of Bucharest on Wednesday went to Bellu Cemetery on Romania’s Culture Day to honour the national poet Mihai Eminescu by reciting his writings in several languages.

Mihai Eminescu, born on January 15, 1850 in the village of Ipotesti, near Botosani, in North-Eastern Romania, is considered to be Romania’s greatest poet. He was also a novelist and an important journalist of his time. To honour his memory, Romania celebrates the National Culture Day on January 15.

The children recited Eminescu’s poems in Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese.

The moment was followed by a memorial service officiated by His Grace Bishop Timotei of Prahova next to Eminescu’s tomb.

A student reciting Eminescu’s poems in Romanian. Photo: / Raluca Ene
Eminescu’s poem recited in Spanish by a student from the International School of Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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