Celebration of services inside places of worship is fully justified – Patriarchate’s Spokesperson

The spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate said Thursday that ‘the rapid return to the celebration of religious services inside the places of worship (with the implicit observance of the rules of physical distancing and sanitation of the liturgical spaces as established by the competent authorities) is already fully justified and adequate to the current Romanian social reality.’

The statement was made in the context of discussions regarding the celebration of services inside places of worship with the participation of a larger number of believers.

The Patriarchate’s spokesman explained that “natural and consistent steps have been taken, including recently, towards the authorities, accompanied by the intense hope of a realistic and wise response.”

“Returning to the deep rhythms of the community body is essential in maintaining its moral and spiritual balance. The universal history of humanity undoubtedly reveals that, regardless of the degree of secularization, the deepest springs of personal and social life remain those of a religious nature and that the degree of moral clarity within a society is conferred by its spiritual life.”

“Romania is an eminently Christian country, a large majority of its (civil) society being involved in real life of the Romanian Orthodox Church.”

“It showed abundantly, in the most practical and obvious way, that it is involved in the defence and promotion of public health, its attitude, as well as that of other religious denominations in Romania, being exemplary throughout the periods of emergency and alert imposed by the pandemic.”

“The people most involved in the crisis that Romania has recently gone through and is still going through have been those who have shown through concrete deeds of faith solidarity with those affected by the pandemic, with medical institutions and with the authorities themselves.”

“These people who give moral breath to the Romanian society, who promote through their lives the socially fertile values of the Christian faith and who contributed significantly through their civic attitude to the rapid diminution of the effects of the pandemic, justifiably want to participate in divine services inside the church,’ Banescu said June 11, 2020.

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