Call to prayer, dialogue and social co-responsibility

Call to prayer, dialogue and social co-responsibility

These days, Romanian society is going through turmoil because of a conflict between major institutions of the State and, as such, because of a polarisation of the population. Although neutral politically, the Church is not socially indifferent; she understands the directions and major desires of the people: social justice, reducing poverty and raising living standards.

In this regard, the fight against corruption must continue, and those who are guilty must be punished because theft and appropriation degrade the society both morally and materially. Furthermore, the fight against corruption should not be used for partisan political purposes, while sentencing and imprisonment should not be confounded with extermination since their purpose is to straighten up and socially reintegrate those who admit to and regret the bad deeds they have committed.

In this polarised and fractured social context, as a “factor of social peace” (Religious Denominations Law no. 486/2006, art. 7, para 1), the Church calls to prayer, dialogue and social co-responsibility.

Prayer is necessary because it illumines reason; it pacifies selfish passions and cultivates humans’ love of God and of each other.

Dialogue is necessary to overcome conflicts between individuals, institutions and diverging social orientations.

Social co-responsibility is necessary because transferring full responsibility to the opponent does not solve common problems of the society that require concrete, jointly developed solutions.

Therefore, the Romanian Patriarchate calls upon all ministers of the Holy Altars and on all faithful to pray for the peace and unity of the Romanian people, for the renewal of the moral and social life of the Romanian society, but also to promote dialogue and co-responsibility in the society.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate

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