Bucharest Transport Company | Travel fares can be paid with contactless banking cards during the travel

The Bucharest Transport Company (STB) has announced that fares can be paid by contactless banking card during the travel.

The Bucharest City Mayor, Gabriela Firea, explained that the project, implemented in cooperation with BCR Bank, aims to install last-generation validators on all the new vehicles.

The devices are already functional on the Express routes 780, 783 and 784, which connect the city center and the Northern Railway Station with “Henri Coandă” Airport.

Next month, all the routes served by the new vehicles (Otokar and Hibrid) will be provided with similar readers.

The travelers will be able to pay contactless with any banking Mastercard or Visa-type banking card issued around the world. The devices will allow for multiple validation only if the card owner expressly selects this option before paying.

The travel fares remain unchanged (1.3 RON in the city and 3.5 RON on the Express routes), while the rechargeable magnetic cards issued by the company will continue to be in use. Other payment options are mobile payment via BPay app or text message.

Photo: Facebook / Gabriela Firea; STB

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