Bucharest public transport company introduces one-hour ticket

Users of the Bucharest overground public transport can purchase a ticket valid for one hour starting March 8, the City Hall announced.

The ticket, which costs RON 1.3, is valid for one hour, regardless of the distance travelled or the number of public transport means used, mayor Nicușor Dan explained. The one-hour ticket can be purchased by SMS or through the B-pay app.

The mayor gave the example of someone who needs to travel a short distance but needs to take both the bus and the tram to reach their destination, thus having to pay for two trips worth RON 1.3 each. With the one-hour ticket, this is no longer needed, he explained.

The new type of ticket is also meant to encourage electronic payments in the context of the pandemic.

English article by Simona Fodor / Romania Insider

Photo: STB

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