Bucharest Cathedral Protopsaltes Mihail Bucă: I was a football talent, but God had another plan with me

Archdeacon Mihail Bucă said in an interview with Evenimentul Zilei that he was very passionate about football, but he chose to follow God’s calling in the Church.

‘I was a kid who played football on dust and rubble. My parents were actually very upset because I played football. I was on a few teams – I liked this sport. I say I was a talent in football, but God had another plan with me. I have turned a corner very suddenly to the Church, to Art”, said the founder of the Tronos Byzantine Music Choir.

Although he changed track, Fr Mihail’s vocation was not accidental. His father was a church cantor and practiced this profession in his free time.

“He inspired me with this gift, and in 1997 I came to the Patriarchal Cathedral. I gathered some boys around me and I started to train them”, said Archdeacon Mihail Bucă, remembering that the name of the Tronos comes from the heavenly Thrones Angels and was offered by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.

In the interview, the archdeacon referred to his method of working with others and what is more important when chanting to the Lord.

“The hardest thing in life is to work with people”, stressed the protopsaltes recalling the formation of the Tronos Choir.

“I want the new members to act human, and I will deal with music later. I also take into account the morality of the cantors. The hardest thing in life is to work with people. To shape a soul. You can make walls, but polishing a soul is not easy at all.”

“If they want to come and chant to feel good, let them do it. But it won’t last long. If they want to pass it on to others around them, then they will do so with greater interest and joy. I really want to bring more cantors to the church and you do not realize how much beauty the church has, how many experiences and nuances. They just have to look for them.”

‘I wish that all the members of the Tronos choir would give to the others around them a smile, a word, a handshake. A man of the Church can give love in many guises and forms.’

Photography courtesy of Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene

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