Bucharest Archdiocese gives $1,000+ to family of newly-reposed priest

The Archdiocese of Bucharest decided, at the initiative of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, to provide financial support to Fr. Marius’ grieving family. The Archdiocese is providing $1,184 (5,000 lei) to Fr. Marius’ wife and children.

Fr. Marius Gabriel Bărăscu of Parava, Bacău County, 160 miles northeast of Bucharest, tragically died in a car accident last week, the day before his 35th birthday. He leaves behind a wife, Petronela, and four children: Anastasia, 9, Irina, 7, Sofiana, 4, and Nicolae, 18 months.

Fr. Marius was on his way home, where his family was waiting to surprise him with a birthday cake when the accident occurred.

The newly-reposed priest was buried yesterday in Parava by His Eminence Archbishop Joachim of Roman and Bacau.

Photo: gofundme.com

Photo: gofundme.com

The money comes from the “Good Shepherd” Fund, which is specifically intended to help clerics or their families who are in difficult situations.

“It’s not a one-off case. The Archdiocese of Bucharest constantly provides financial support for clerics and families who need help,” said Fr. Ionuţ Iodăchescu – Archdiocese of Bucharest.

GoFundMe fundraiser was also launched by Fr. Marius’ sister-in-law to support the family in this time of crisis. Visit the fundraiser and support the family here.

May Fr. Marius’ memory be eternal!

Translated by Orthochristian

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