Bronze bust of Romanian priest Iraclie Porumbescu unveiled in Chernivtsi region

A bronze bust depicting priest Iraclie Porumbescu, the father of the renowned Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu, was unveiled during a religious ceremony held at the beginning of June at the Dormition of the Theotokos Church in Boian, Chernivtsi region.

Father Iraclie was a parish priest at this church from 1857 to 1859.

The bronze sculpture was made by the local artist Cristian Bota, BucPress reports.

The June 2 unveiling ceremony was attended by local people, guests from Romania and Ukraine, as well as Consul Edmond Neagoe from the General Consulate of Romania in Chernivtsi.

This is the first statue dedicated to Iraclie Porumbescu in the entire Romanian space.

Iraclie Porumbescu: biography

Iraclie Porumbescu, born Golembiovski, was an Orthodox priest and Romanian writer in Bukovina and the father of the Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu.

He served as parish priest in several villages in Bukovina, including Șipotele Sucevei (1850-1857; 1859-1865), Boian (1857-1859), Stupca (1865-1884) and Frătăuții Noi (1884-1896).

He was a talented writer and received the surname of ‘Bukovina’s Creanga’, being compared to the Romanian writer, raconteur and schoolteacher Ion Creanga.


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