Bishop Varlaam celebrates Divine Liturgy on Basilica Media Centre’s Patronal Feast

Hramul Centrului de Presa Basilica

The staff of the Basilica Media Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate attended Monday, May 28, the Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Grace Bishop Varlaam of Ploiesti at the Patriarchal Cathedral on the Patronal Feast of the media institution.

The concelebrating assembly included:

  • Nicolae Dascalu, patriarchal adviser, head of Lumina Publications,
  • Fr Teodor Gradinaciuc, patriarchal adviser – Radio Trinitas,
  • Fr Ciprian Apetrei, editor – Lumina Newspaper,
  • Protosyncellus Corneliu Andrasco, minister at the Patriarchal Cathedral,
  • Archdeacon Ioan Mavrichi, patriarchal adviser – Press Office,
  • Archdeacon Dumitru Ojog,
  • Archdeacon Stefan Sfarghie, editor – Lumina Newspaper,
  • Deacon Bogdan Badita, Trinitas TV producer,
  • Deacon Gheorghe Anghel, editor-in-chief, Basilica News Agency.

The day’s homily was delivered by Fr Nicolae Dascalu who reflected on man’s knowledge of God and the greatness of the Holy Trinity.

He noted that ‘even when we say we know something about God, actually we know very little or at all.’

Quoting St Gregory the Theologian, the director of the Lumina Publications said that it is better to love silence and prayer when we have to speak about God.

‘Silence is a more appropriate language to the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, the Mystery of the Godhead,’ he added.

Fr Nicolae concluded his sermon saying that God’s essence is love and that He can be found in the Church through unity and prayer.

After the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Varlaam officiated a Doxology (Te Deum) to give thanks to God for the bounties He poured out upon the Romanian Patriarchate’s media centre during its 11-year activity.

The Basilica Media Centre was founded at the initiative and with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on October 27, 2007, and is comprised of five departments: Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, Lumina Publications, the Basilica News Agency and the Press and PR Office of the Romanian Patriarchate.

On June 16, 2018, the Basilica News Agency of the Romanian Patriarchate will celebrate its 10th anniversary of online ministry.


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