Bishop Timotei of Sătmar ordained to eagerly fulfil ‘the mission of the Good Shepherd’

The Very Rev. Archimandrite Timotei Bel was ordained Sunday to the Episcopate during the Divine Liturgy celebrated at the monastery of St John the Forerunner founded by him at Scărișoara.

His Eminence Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj, Maramureș, and Sălaj presided over the festive Divine Liturgy and officiated the episcopal consecration, urging the newly-ordained Bishop Timotei of Sătmar to fulfil eagerly ‘the mission of the Good Shepherd’.

By synodal resolution, His Grace Timotei of Sătmar was appointed Assistant Bishop to the Diocese of Maramures and Sătmar.

Bishop Timotei of Sătmar blesses believers at Scărişoara Monastery after his episcopal consecration. Photo: Diocese of Maramureş and Sătmar

Children’s education is a great mission

Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj delivered the Sunday homily in which he stressed the importance of giving birth to children and educating them.

‘We live in a secularized world and people do not see how great is the mission to bring children to the world and to educate them,’ he said June 24.

The Metropolitan of Cluj also quoted St Proclus of Constantinople saying that ‘a woman who bears a child builds another cathedral to the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Enthronement ceremony

Following the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Petroniu of Sălaj read out the patriarchal act confirming the election of Archimandrite Timotei Bel as Assistant Bishop to the Diocese of Maramures and Satmar.

Metropolitan Andrei bestowed upon bp Timotei the final liturgical items associated with episcopacy, the mantle and the pastoral staff.

The Metropolitan of Cluj spoke about the episcopal duties and mission, recalling the spiritual weapons that a shepherd should use.

His Eminence appreciated the outstanding work done by Archimandrite Timotei Bel by building the monastic community of Scarisoara.

Metropolitan Andrei ended his speech with a prayer asking God to help bp Timotei in the spiritual edification of the Church.

Newly-ordained Bishop Timotei of Sătmar (left) and Bishop Justin of Maramureș and Sătmar (right). Photo: Diocese of Maramureş and Sătmar

Behold I do your will, O God

In his speech at the enthronement ceremony, His Grace Bishop Timotei of Satmar cited the Holy Scripture saying ‘overwhelmed by this calling I exclaim: Behold, I do your will, O God.’

The bishop said that he will ask for God’s help to fulfil this calling and to show himself worthy of the honour he was called to.

‘In my entire ministry, I tried to be one who unites and not one who divides. Thus I will do from now on too.’

Bishop Justin of Maramureș addressing the faithful. Photo: Diocese of Maramureş and Sătmar

Episcopal ministry is not a light cross

The local Bishop, His Grace Justin, said that this moment is ‘a gift for Sătmar on the occasion of the centennial, a gift for God’s people, for the clergy and the believers.’

He cautioned that episcopal ministry is not a light cross.

‘From now on, with the help of God, we are two. I will no longer be his father, but his bigger brother. I will be a true brother to him and we will pull together at the same yoke, as I once did with Archbishop Justinian, showing the icon of a sacrificial ministry, not that of a relaxed ministry.’

His Grace Bishop Timotei of Satmar was elected by the Holy Synod during its working session on 24 May 2018. Since 2006 he was the exarch of the monasteries of the Maramures and Satmar Diocese.

Photos: Diocese of Maramureş and Sătmar

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