Bishop of Giurgiu celebrates Divine Liturgy at Nea Makri

As part of a pilgrimage to Greece, His Grace Bishop Ambrozie of Giurgiu celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St Ephraim Monastery in Nea Marki on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Thanking for the warm welcome, Bishop Ambrozie stressed the need to bear witness to the faith especially in our times, ‘holding Saint Ephraim as a confessor over time, who is a quick helper of those who are struggling.’

His Grace pointed to the strong ties between the Romanian people and the Greek people, noting that they are strengthened by ‘the profession of the same Orthodox faith that unites the souls of the two nations in a single Church that fights for truth and salvation.’

St. Ephraim of Nea Makri or St. Ephraim of Mount Amomon, believed to have lived from 1384 to 1426, is venerated as a martyr and miracle-working saint by many Orthodox Christians all across the world.

St Ephraim was included in the local calendar of the Romanian Orthodox Church in May 2014.

Photography courtesy of Giurgiu Diocese

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