Bishop Daniil of Dacia Felix: We stand with our Orthodox Serbian brothers and we pray for the rest of Patriarch Irinej’s soul

Speaking at Radio Trinitas, His Grace Bishop Daniil, administrator of the Diocese of Dacia Felix, a Romanian Diocese headquartered in Vršac, Serbia, said that Romanians are praying for and stand with the Orthodox Serbians everywhere after the repose of Patriarch Irinej.

He said that the Patriarch began his ministry “in the parts of the Daco-Roman city of Naissus (Nis), where the Holy Emperor Constantine and his mother, Helen, were born.” Afterwards, he became “a shepherd of souls in the ancient city of Singidunum of the saints Montanus and his wife Maxima – today’s Belgrade.”

Bishop Daniil said that he met Patriarch Irinej personally and that he keeps “with great emotion and piety an engolpion received from His Holiness on the occasion of his enthronement in Kosovo, at Pec Monastery.”

“A chosen soul, a serene soul, a pure soul, a bright face that will remain in the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church as a special pastor of souls, after the example of Saint Sava, Bishop of Serbia, and after the model of Patriarch Pavle, the predecessor of His Holiness,” said the Romanian Bishop of Dacia Felix.

“I believe with all hope that Christ, our Saviour, the Eternal High Priest, will place Patriarch Irinej in the great synaxis of the saints of the Serbian Orthodox Church,” he added.

“Therefore, the departure of His Holiness to the eternal on this very day of the forefeast of the Entry into the Temple of the Mother of God will open to him the royal doors of the Kingdom of Heaven for eternal rest. May God rest him with the righteous and with the saints!” concluded the Bishop of Dacia Felix.

Patriarch Irinej of Serbia reposed on Friday morning. The Serbian government declared three days of national mourning in memory of His Holiness.

Photo source: VOA News / AP

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